The long hot days of summer have a way of taking a toll on your lawn’s health. As a result, you may discover your lawn always seems dry. While you may be tempted to fix the problem by watering more and more – this can often just make the situation worse. While grass requires water in order to grow, overwatering is actually really bad for your lawn. If you want to eliminate a dry lawn and get grass that is green, lush and healthy, use the tips found here.

Let Nature Take Over

In most cases, water from rain is enough to keep a lawn healthy and green. You will only need to water it if the weather is extremely dry with no rainfall. You will know it is time to take matters into your own hands when your grass appears dull and it loses its ability to “bounce back,” (i.e. you can see footprints).

Avoid Watering Your Lawn Too Often

Watering your lawn thoroughly a few times each week is better than watering it lightly each day. If you water the lawn lightly more frequently, it causes the roots of the grass to be extremely shallow. This won’t result in a healthy lawn. A great way to maximize your watering times is to install a drip irrigation system and ensure it is only set to turn on at times that will ensure your grass gets the proper amount of water. In most cases, about a quarter of an inch two times a week is ideal.

Use a Rain Gauge

A rain gauge will let you see how much water your lawn and garden is receiving from the rain, as well as your sprinkler system. This will also help you make adjustments to the sprinkler settings if the weather is drier or wetter at times.

Select the Right Time of Day to Water

The right time to water your lawn is early in the morning or later in the evening. This will allow your lawn to dry naturally during a time of day that the air is still somewhat cool. Try to avoid watering in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest, since this can cause your lawn to burn. If you are planning on watering during the evening, you should not leave the sprinkler on throughout the night as excessive water isn’t good for your lawn’s health. Using an irrigation system that uses a timer setting is the ideal way to make sure that your lawn gets the proper amount of water at the right time of the day.

If you have more questions about how and when to water your lawn, contact the professionals. The team at The IDL Company can help you create a custom watering schedule that will help your lawn look amazing throughout the year.