Have you considered the installation of landscape lighting in the past? Did you hesitate because you just aren’t sure where to install it? If so, don’t worry – there are many homeowners who face this same situation.

Here, you can learn about several different places in your yard and around your property where the addition of landscape lighting will be extremely beneficial. Not only will lighting in these areas improve aesthetic appeal, it can also help with safety and security.

  1. Your Driveway

You may not think there is any reason to install lighting near or around your driveway. After all, your vehicle has headlights for a reason, right?

However, using landscape lighting around your driveway offers several benefits. It can illuminate the area where you park, and even signal to visitors or emergency responders where your home is located. In most cases, using a simple path light design is going to work well for this.

If you have put a basketball goal in your driveway, then the landscape lights you install will let you play ball when it is dark out. Both down lights and sport lights can be extremely beneficial for your outdoor court.

  1. Your Steps

By adding step lighting, you can increase safety and aesthetics. Have you ever attempted to walk down or up steps when it is completely dark outside? If so, you know how risky it can be. You can use path lighting for your walkway leading up to your steps, but then installing step lights is a smart option. This is especially true if your steps are wider than what is considered normal.

  1. Paths and Walkways

You can probably easily remember the way your paths and walkways twist and turn through your yard – but, what about people visiting your home? By adding some path lights to these areas, you can increase the safety around your home and provide guidance for those walking in these areas. Path lights also offer a welcome feel to the front of your home.

  1. Decks and Patios

It isn’t uncommon to want to spend time outside on your deck or patio after the sun goes down. However, if you haven’t installed any lights, people may retreat indoors. This is why investing in patio and deck lighting is such a good idea.

If you are unsure what type of lights should be used on your patio or deck, let the professionals help. They can come up with a lighting design that highlights your outdoor sitting area perfectly.

  1. Entrances to Your Home

You need to make sure there are lights near any door leading into your home. Landscape lighting installed in these areas makes it easy for people to see where they are supposed to enter, and makes your home less appealing to nefarious individuals who may want to break in.

If you are ready to install landscape lighting in your yard, be sure to speak with the professionals at The IDL Company. They can help you get the customized lighting design you want and need.