If you don’t have any front porch lighting, your guest won’t see any of the details of your home’s entryway. The good news is, there are several “bright ideas” you can use to help brighten up your front porch.

Frame Your Home’s Front Door

Installing a porch light on both sides of your front door is going to help illuminate the gateway to the remainder of your home, while creating a sense of symmetry for the exterior of your home. The columns on your porch and your potted plants will continue this balanced look.

In some situations, you are going to have to do a bit of shopping around to find the right set of porch lights to create that balanced look. The right porch lights provide a fun opportunity to create a welcoming introduction to a person’s home. The entry lights will be easy to see when arriving and they give you the chance to set a “story” of your home.

When selecting entryway lights, make sure to keep the environment of your home in mind, including the exterior along with the overall aesthetic. You should also consider what level of lighting will serve the front porch of your home.

Take Steps to Extend the Light

Adding a few more lights to your front porch will help to extend the light and lead people right to your front door. With the right exterior fixtures, you can enhance the style, color, and finish of your home and create a pleasing glow.

Line Your House with Lights

If you want to increase the amount of exterior light around your home, but you don’t have a covered porch, consider lining your house with lights. You can install lights that shine both up and down, which will highlight the vertical features of your home’s facade, along with any architectural brackets. Another benefit offered by using lights that shine up and down is that they will minimize the glare in your yard and toward people coming up to your house.

When selecting lights for your home, it’s a good idea to find a light that is going to complement the scale and the lines of your home, but that doesn’t compete. Lighting should be one of the final details that will bring the entire style of the home together.

Use the Space Over Head

You can install hanging lights on your porch, which will make good use of the ceiling over your covered porch. With overhead lights, you have a lighting option that provides light throughout the entire space, rather than mounted lights, which have a limited range.

If you want to create a home that is more welcoming to guests and visitors, contact our team at The IDL Company. We can help you create the space you want and need.