Are you ready to create a beautiful landscape you can enjoy throughout the day and night? If so, landscape lighting should definitely be a part of your plan.

Before investing in any lighting, you should consider the purpose of illuminating your backyard. For example, do you want a soft and romantic ambiance in the evening? Do you have a shadowy corner you would like to light up to improve security? Or is there a path in your backyard that needs to be lined? Taking time to figure out what you want is the first step in creating the perfect scheme.

Sketch Your Yard

After figuring out why you want to install landscape lighting, sketch your yard. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a basic drawing. Be sure to include the current lights, trees, buildings, and anything else in the space. Each of the items on your drawing will either absorb or reflect the light. Try to estimate the height of every object, particularly the foliage.

Determine Where the Landscape Lighting Should Go

Take time to figure out what lighting is needed in certain areas. You may want to light up a bench along a path by installing a pole-style lamp behind it. You can create a softer mood by placing landscape lights under your shrubs.

If you have a path, you may need several shorter stake lights on each side. You can light up fountains or stone statues using spotlights, and ponds can have soft lighting installed around the perimeter.

Figure Out How Much Effort to Put Into Your Landscape Lighting Design

The type of landscape lighting that requires the most effort to install is 120-volt lighting. When wiring up this style of garden lights, they have to be buried at a minimum of 18 inches, or conduit must be used to protect them from water. In most cases, hiring professionals to handle this installation is the best option.

You also need to remember that you must have an outdoor receptacle and transformer for any low-voltage landscape lighting installed. The transformer will convert the 120 volts that come from your home to the 12 volts needed to power the lights.

Hire the Professionals for Help with Landscape Light Installation

If your goal is to ensure the lights are installed properly and that there are no issues with the installation, hiring professionals is a good idea. They can evaluate your yard and discuss your lighting needs. This information can then be used to create the landscape lighting scheme you want and need. In the long run, this will help ensure you get the look and style you need and that your yard is usable day and night this summer.

Do you want to invest in lighting installation? If so, contact our team at The IDL Company today. We can help ensure you get the setup you want and need.