Are you searching for a way to add a bit of extra flare to your home or commercial property? If so, low-voltage lighting is a visually stunning, cost-efficient solution to poorly lit, boring lawns, gardens, walkways, fences, and more. Regardless of the preferences, you have regarding LED lights and fixtures, you can easily mix and match the products desired to create the charming lighting system you desire. Economical, safe, low voltage lighting is an extremely smart solution for your year round exterior lighting needs.

Available Fixtures and Kits

Low voltage exterior lighting is available for several different applications. It also works well with both commercial and residential properties. Exterior lighting – especially the low voltage systems – not only work to improve the feel and look for commercial businesses and homes but also help to eliminate safety hazards by ensuring precarious, potentially dangerous areas are well lit.

Regardless of if you are looking for stairway, deck, waterfront, or walkway low voltage lighting options, there are a wide array of bulbs, fixtures, and transformer wattages to choose from. Low voltage lighting is a safety-conscious, gorgeous, and cost-effective option for any home or property.

Advantages Offered by Low Voltage Exterior Lighting

While there is no question that low voltage landscape lighting can help to beautify the space and improve outdoor safety, it offers a number of other advantages, as well. For example, you can enjoy brighter, more pronounced lighting, especially if you pair the low voltage system with a high-quality LED series (these use 70 to 85 percent less electricity than most other solutions). Additional benefits offered by exterior low voltage lighting include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Reduced potential of shock
  • A system that is expandable
  • Adjustable levels of brightness
  • Ideal for garden and architectural lighting
  • Helps to create a comfortable, appealing ambiance
  • Offers a wide array of decorative options

Proper Installation of Transformers

In order to function properly, a low voltage lighting system requires the proper transformers. Selecting the right one is essential. If the wattage is insufficient, your system won’t receive the proper amount of power, while too much wattage is going to cause your utility bills to soar.

This is why it is best to call in the professionals for help when it is time to install a low voltage exterior lighting system. The fact is, low voltage landscape lighting can often be difficult to hook up, but a professional knows how to handle the job easily and quickly. Experts can help ensure you select the right transformer wattage, and ensure all components are installed properly.

If low voltage landscape lighting is the right option for your home, contact the professional technicians at The IDL Company to learn more.