As Kansas City sprinkler irrigation system professionals, we know that low water pressure in your system can have a variety of causes. What’s the natural thing to do when it seems like you don’t have enough water pressure? Try increasing the pressure first, obviously. However, when all your attempts to get the water pressure up to speed fail, we have a few suggestions.

The fact is, too much water pressure can actually be a bad thing, and could possibly destroy the diaphragm in the irrigation system’s water valve.

Loss of water pressure may be caused by a loose solenoid, clogs in the valve or solenoid, or even because of electrical or hydraulic issues. If the loss of water pressure seems to be only in one particular zone, it could be a broken pipe. What to do?

First of all, make sure that the timer is getting power. Checking the irrigation system controller to ensure it’s getting power is a good first step. If you do find out the irrigation timer isn’t functioning properly, check to make sure that when the system is shut down, power is being delivered to the solenoid.

Another good place to start when you suspect an electrical problem is the irrigation timer. A volt meter can determine whether an impulse is being sent as it should. If this doesn’t seem to be the issue, check to see if the system’s manual bleed valve may have been left open accidentally. If so, this is probably the issue as pressure will seep out. Close the manual bleed valve, and the problem will likely be solved.

The solenoid or valve could be clogged, resulting in low water pressure. Twigs, rocks, stones, and other debris can lodge between the valve diaphragm and seat. If this happens to you, just remove all of the rocks/debris and clean out the surrounding area thoroughly.

Another potential cause of loss of water pressure is a loose solenoid, as the valve will remain open if the solenoid doesn’t remain tight. Malfunction of the solenoid may also occur as a result of corrosion of the plunger, leaving this component in a perpetual state of suction. This is a difficult issue to repair, so you may want to consider replacing the entire solenoid when this is the problem.

When you have tried all of the above and still have water pressure issues, it may be time to call in the professionals. At IDL Company, our Kansas City irrigation experts are familiar and experienced with every possible problem you may encounter with sprinkler irrigation or water pressure issues. From problems that seem relatively small to those that could become a huge headache, we handle them all! Give us a call today, and expect great results.