The team at The IDL Company is dedicated to making sure that customers have access to the most innovative technology when it comes to their home’s irrigation system. In an effort to meet this standard, the company now offers an all new Wi-Fi controller for sprinkler systems, the Hunter Hydrawise.

This is an innovative system that allows you to control our irrigation system through your smart phone or other Wi-Fi connected device. It’s yet another way you can make your home “smarter.”

How the Hydrawise Can Make a Difference in the Health and Beauty of Your Yard

A beautiful and healthy garden and lawn requires the proper amount of water to thrive. With Hydrawise, the amount of water distributed to your lawn is dependent on an internet-sourced weather data for the local area.

The system looks at the forecast, along with the past history, to make sure the right amount of water is applied. This is done through a process called Predictive Watering, which helps to fine-tune watering based on the weather data received. In the long run, installing this device on your irrigation system can help you save a significant amount of water and money.

Hydrawise Makes Keeping Your Lawn Healthy Simple

You can take the mystery out of your sprinkler and watering schedule. In addition to coming on and going off automatically according to the latest weather forecast, the Hydrawise also provides you with reports, which show you the amount of water that’s been used and how much you have saved.

In addition to the watering reports, you can also monitor the state of the piping system thanks to the optional flow meter. This allows you to receive automatic alerts if a pipe is broken or if a leak has occurred. With this information, you can take action before it’s an issue.

Installation Available to New and Existing Irrigation Systems 

At The IDL Company, we can offer the installation of Hydrawise for all newly installed irrigation systems, and we can add it to systems that are already installed. This is a smart investment and can help ensure your system works efficiently and properly all season long.

Call the Professionals to Learn More About Hydrawise

When it comes to Hydrawise, there are more than a few factors that have to be considered. At The IDL Company, we are now offering this system standard with all new irrigation system installs. It is extremely accurate and provides you with information that can help you maintain the health of your lawn throughout the year. Even better it’s easy to use.

If you have questions about this new product, feel free to reach out to our team. We can help ensure you fully understand what it has to offer and why it is such a smart investment.