Warmer weather is here. This means you have more time to spend outside. Along with buying some new outside furniture, it’s also the perfect time to figure out your lighting design for your outdoor space. Some tips to help you along the way are found here.

Determine Your Goals for Your Outdoor Space

Take some time to figure out what you want your outdoor lighting to accomplish. Consider addressing several layers of lighting, which is beneficial as you start spending more time outdoors. From task lighting for illumination and safety for the entrance way of your home to using ambient string lights, candles, and lanterns to make the outdoor area more inviting, your lighting options are vast.

If you don’t think you can create a viable landscape lighting plan, consult with the professionals. They can help you with this vital step.

Start with the Task Lighting

After you know what you want to achieve with your outdoor lighting, make task lighting a priority. With this, you want to illuminate entranceways and pathways. If your fixture will be exposed to the elements, you want to ensure you have a fixture that is “wet-rated.” In some situations, installing a damp-rated light will work for a fully covered porch area.

Just make sure you choose lighting that is designated as outdoor lighting. This is true even if you have been tempted by a cute sconce designed for use indoors. Brighter lights that wash a house or columns will add drama and security. These will also be a huge deterrent for any would-be burglars.

Also, remember, that lighting for security is all about location. You should install these lights at your garage, driveway, and front door. If you decide to install motion sensors and spotlights, try to choose a location where they won’t bother your neighbors.

Consider Scale Carefully

To ensure your fixtures look right, you must also consider the scale of the space. This can help you determine the shape and size of the fixture, along with the appropriate wattage of the bulb.

For wall sconces, choose something that is about 25% of the total height of the door.

Another way to ensure you choose the right size is by cutting out the size of the light on paper and tape it up. This will provide you with a good visual.

For pendants or surface mounts, blow up a balloon to the size of the light and shade and then hang it from a string. This will give you an idea of length and scale.

With wattage, you have to consider if the bulb is exposed or in a shade. For exposed bulbs, choose a 60-watt equivalent and for bulbs that are inside a glass shade, choose a 75 to 100-watt equivalent.

Contact the Professionals

When it comes to your outdoor lighting, there are more than a few factors to consider. If you need help, contact the professionals at The IDL Company. Our team will help you find the best lighting design plan for your outside space.