The night sky is quite striking – but it is only bright enough to light your way a few nights out of the month if that. Outdoor path lighting makes a huge difference when you go outside after the sun goes down. It helps to keep you safe up the driveway or down to your pool. Also, thanks to the low-voltage outdoor path light options now available, you don’t have to worry about your view of the night sky being ruined.

LED path light options, which are highly recommended for this purpose, offer a brighter and better- controlled source of illumination than solar lights. LEDs are also more efficient and have a longer life than the incandescent options. Once the ideal path lighting plan is created and implemented in your yard, you can stroll around without having to worry about constant burnt out bulbs or cleaning up after the damaging excavation necessary for placing incandescent lighting.

There’s No Cookie Cutter Path Lighting Option

It is important to consider the space where the path is located and where it leads. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all path light design. The key is to ensure safety and security are at the forefront of thought when creating the path lighting design. A professional service, such as the IDL Company will be able to help any homeowner, regardless of the size of the path, develop a plan that highlights safety and security. Once that factor is handled, you can begin thinking about other ways to enhance the path, such as uplights, moonlighting effects or accent lighting.

When creating a path lighting design, it is also important to pay special attention to certain areas, which include:

  • Where there is thick greenery present
  • If there are uneven areas in the ground or steps
  • In curves and twists in the path

Ensuring adequate lighting is present in these areas will reduce the potential for trips and falls when walking along the path after dark.

Considerations for Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are notorious for getting tangled up in lighting wires and knocking over path lighting. If you have either of these, it is something to keep in mind. The good news is, there are lighting options specifically designed to be kid or pet-friendly. If the lights accidentally get bumped or completely knocked over, these options are resilient and will withstand getting broken or damaged. Over time, this will likely help you save quite a bit of money.

The outdoor path lighting options available today are able to illuminate the way even if you don’t have an “official” path laid out. You can use these lights to brighten up the perimeter of your garden beds, or create a walkway that is able to be moved and adjusted with minimum effort or expense. Finding and installing the right path lighting means that your garden sitting area, driveway, hot tub, patio, pool and any other outdoor area will be open and accessible throughout the year, all day and night long.