Your yard, home, and garden are an extension of your indoor living area. This is especially important during the fall months, when nights are mild and enjoyable. Your outdoor living area shouldn’t be abandoned because it gets dark and this is where beautiful outdoor lighting setup comes in.

The right lighting can help to increase the amount of usable space on your property and increase security and safety. If you are considering having outdoor lighting installed around your home, some tips to help you with your design plan can be found here.

Hire the Professionals

By hiring the professionals, you have someone who knows what to do, the latest design trends for outdoor lighting, and the proper installation methods. The company you hire can design, install, and provide ongoing maintenance for your lighting elements – ensuring it looks and works great throughout the year.

The first step is to meet with a lighting designer to talk about what you want to use the space for. After the meeting, they can create a custom lighting design based on your yard, wants, and needs.

Usually, this type of project is much larger than the average homeowner can handle alone. It also means you have to make a significant investment, so make sure you are ready for this when hiring the professionals. The fact is, though, the results you will achieve with the help of the professionals will far surpass anything you may do on your own.

Highlight Spaces and Plants with the Right Lighting Elements

A good way to use your landscape lighting is to call attention to specific features of your outside space. For example, do you have a large cactus or dramatic Japanese maple in your yard? If so, it can benefit from the installation of a hidden light that shines on it when it is dark.

You may also want to use concealed lights to help provide illumination to your outdoor dining area, or to a decorative boulder in your yard. The options are endless.

Be Intentional with Color

Color can add a dramatic feeling to any landscape – during the day and at night. Because nighttime is when things are often washed out, you are able to combat this in several ways. You can use the light to help call attention to a brightly colored plant or use colored bulbs to create a special glow on certain parts of the yard.

Accentuate Various Architectural Features

With the right outdoor lighting, you have the opportunity to keep the architectural elements in your garden working for you, even after the sun goes down. This is done by placing lights strategically to highlight stone or wooden steps, pathways, or benches. You can also use them for playing up sculptures and illuminate them with concealed lights on the ground or in trees. You can even light a pool from inside, so you have a natural focal point in the dark.

Make Lighting Work for You

As you can see, there are several ways you can make your outdoor landscape lighting work for you. Keep this information in mind when planning your outdoor living area.

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