It is easy to forget and overlook some aspects of home maintenance, such as winterizing your irrigation system. With the holidays approaching, busy work schedules, and more, these winter maintenance tasks may slip your mind. However, not doing winterization of an irrigation system is one of the most common reasons you have to call for irrigation repair in the spring.

Keep reading to learn some of the potential issues that may arise if you do not invest in winterization for your sprinkler system.

Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Serious Damage

When water freezes, it will expand. Just eleven cubic feet of water can turn into twelve cubic feet of ice. This type of hydro-expansion can result in all parts of your irrigation system, including the valves, pipes, pumps, sprinklers, and fittings, to break or burst. When you invest in winterization, all water is drained from the system. This helps to ensure it will remain working when spring arrives.

Failure to Winterize Can Void Your Warranty

Professionals recommend that you have your irrigation system blown out each year. While some people want to rely on gravity to pull all traces of water from the valves, pipes, and other components, there is a certain level of risk with this method.

There are quite a few irrigation companies that will void parts and labor warranties if you do not invest in winterization. It is not worth the risk. By having this service done, you can have a worry-free winter.

Save Money on Expensive Repairs in Spring

If you fail to winterize your sprinkler system and it freezes, the expansion that occurs can result in many of the components and parts being destroyed. When spring rolls around, you will have to pay to have these issues repaired.

Even worse, if you are not aware that damage has occurred, you may cause flooding and other issues in your yard. If the damage from freezing is too bad, you may have to replace the entire system. All this can be avoided with proper and professional winterization services.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you have a sprinkler system installed at your residential or commercial property, you should make sure it is properly maintained and repaired, as needed. Part of this maintenance is sprinkler system winterization.

Are you ready for irrigation system winterization? If so, we are here to help. Our team at The IDL Company can help ensure your sprinkler system is ready for winter weather. We will ensure it is maintained for the rest of the year, as well. Call our team to learn more today.