Many KC home and business owners assume that once time rolls on into late September and October, Kansas City lawn care is done. The fact is, it’s important to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter seasons, you shouldn’t just ignore it until next spring! You want to care for your lawn properly during the fall months, so that it remains healthy when winter comes around and will be beautiful come next spring.

Across the Midwest, temperatures and humidity levels begin dropping substantially in October. As landscape professionals who focus on irrigation, drainage, and other lawn issues, we have a few suggestions to help ensure your lawn remains in good shape throughout the winter and into next spring/summer.

Don’t stop watering your lawn

Many people believe when temperatures cool down and the grass isn’t growing as fast, it’s time to stop watering. During the fall season is when your lawn gathers the nutrients, moisture, and energy it needs to survive the cold winter months. Until winter arrives, continue to water your grass once or twice each week during the morning hours. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, this is easily accomplished without much work on your part.

Be sure to have your sprinkler system winterized

Once freezing temperatures are on the way, it’s vital to protect your sprinkler system and your lawn by having your system winterized. By choosing our sprinkler system winterization services, your lawn and system are protected from the damage that can be the result of continuous freezing and thawing. The process of winterizing involves shutting off the water supply to the sprinkler, blowing out the system using compressed air, and the release of pressure by opening up the water valves so that pipes drain as they should. In having your system winterized, you can enjoy peace of mind all fall and winter long knowing possible damage has been prevented.

Fertilize your lawn in fall

Fertilizing helps make your lawn healthier, and gives the grass essential nutrients. Fertilizing should be done during fall months, when the grass appears to be growing slower. While it may seem that your lawn has completely stopped growing, it is growing rapidly underground! The roots of the grass are digging in preparing for winter months, and fertilizing during fall will help ensure its health.

Everyone wants a lush, thick, beautiful green lawn come spring, and know the importance of proper care to ensure a visually appealing landscape that will attract the attention of all who pass by.

At IDL Company, our Kansas City lawn sprinkler system winterization experts know how critical it is to prepare your system for cooler weather. We’ve been in the irrigation, drainage, and lighting business for decades, so you can trust our professionals with your lawn! Give us a call today for unsurpassed service at an affordable price.