Are you ready to do something great for your lawn that will help ensure it looks healthy and green – even when it is hot and dry? If so, installing an irrigation system is a smart move. However, not all professionals are the same. It is up to you to ask the right questions to ensure you hire the right irrigation specialist. Keep reading to learn what these questions are.

Do They Have the Proper Skills and Experience to Install Your Irrigation System?

You need to make sure that your irrigation specialist has prior experience installing an automatic sprinkler system. One of the best ways to do this is by looking at their website or by searching for reviews provided by past customers.

Do They Offer a Warranty on the Sprinkler System and Will it Cover Labor and Materials?

The parts used for your automatic sprinkler system will have warranties provided by the manufacturer. This means you need to know in advance the brand of materials your irrigation contractor will use and how the warranties work with each part. Remember, they are all different.

You should also find out if the warranty will cover damage resulting from lawnmowers or other types of machinery, and if your irrigation specialist is going to charge you for the labor or if they will replace the parts that are damaged for free.

Will the Contractor Offer Detailed Drawings of Your Irrigation System Components?

There are all types of wires and pipes involved with your automatic irrigation system. If you are planning any other project around your landscape, having a detailed schematic is going to help prevent damage to the system. It will also help when you need service for your sprinklers down the road.

Make sure the drawings include the locations of the sprinkler heads and the zones, along with the backflows, wires, main lines, sensors, controllers, and any other component.

Will the Contractor Use Poly Pipe or PVC Pipe for Your Sprinkler System?

Recently, many irrigation specialists have made the switch to polyethylene pipe for sprinkler systems instead of the solid-wall PVC. The flex pipe is much faster and more affordable to install; however, it is more susceptible to damage because it is more flexible. Since PVC is rigid, installers will dig a trench and put the pipe inside of it, rather than pulling the flexible polyethylene pipe through the ground. There are few irrigation contractors who still use PVC; however, it’s a good idea to ask when trying to compare costs.

If you are ready to install an irrigation system, be sure to find the one that can answer your questions properly and ensure you get the desired results for your system. Being informed and knowing what to ask also helps. If you are ready to start with an irrigation system installation, contact our team at The IDL Company for help and information. We will ensure you get the quality irrigation system you want and need for an affordable price.