When the placement of your landscape lighting is carefully planned and orchestrated, you can count on them. To highlight all the best features of your home while ensuring you can navigate your yard safely. However, when fixtures begin to flicker, dim, or fail, you will experience uneven coverage, which is not only dangerous. But can make your property look sinister, as well. If you want to avoid an unsightly exterior space watch for the following issues. Schedule maintenance and landscape lighting repairs as needed.

Lights That Appear Dim

If your fixtures appear dim, it means they need to be cleaned or that the bulbs need to be replaced. If the light remains dim after this, it may be because the fixture is not getting enough power.

There could also be an issue with the wiring, or you could have too many fixtures attached. The professionals can determine the underlying issue and recommend the best fix to restore the proper brightness level to the light.

Exposed Wiring

Regardless of how well your landscape lights are working, exposed wiring is an issue. It can be damaged by your lawn equipment, or issues can occur during inclement weather.

In the worst situations, the wiring can cause a spark that ignites dry foliage nearby, causing a fire and significant damage. It is possible to replace damaged wiring and invest in electrical casings to help hide and protect your system.


If water gets into your fixtures, it can corrode the wires and other electrical components inside. This is going to cause them to weaken, and eventually, they will fail.

If you begin to notice damage or rust on your fixture, it should be repaired or replaced, Cheaper aluminum or plastic fixtures won’t last as long, so it may be more affordable to purchase a higher-quality replacement that is made of stone or steel.


If your lights have begun to flicker, it may be because of a damaged connection or dying bulb. The wiring should be replaced, or the bolts and other connecting components may have to be tightened. When you do this, it will help to keep moisture out of your fixtures and eliminate the possibility of other complications.

Fixtures That Are Out of Place

As time passes, your landscape lighting fixtures may be knocked around by mowers, kids, pets, and even snow. If this happens, you will need to straighten and adjust the lighting back to its original position. In most cases, this will be a simple fix, but you may have to replace the fixture if other damage has occurred.

If there are more issues and needed repairs with your landscape lighting than you can easily fix, it may be time to consider investing in a new system. You can speak with our team at The IDL Company to learn about some of the latest landscape lighting options and how they can benefit your home and property.