Do you want to find a way to make your home stand out from the other houses in your neighborhood? If so, you need to find a method to make this happen. A key to helping your home stand out from the other homes around is in the landscaping. While making sure your lawn is healthy and well-manicured is important, you also need to install quality landscape lighting. When you have the right plan for your yard and home, you can enhance the features and create a beautiful outdoor space.

Unfortunately, not all exterior lighting options are created equal. If you aren’t careful, you may discover it costs more to turn the exterior lights on, than it does to install them. However, there is an option that can help reduce your utility costs. For landscape lighting that makes a great impression, without breaking the bank, choose LED.

Advantages of Choosing LED Landscape Lighting

When you begin browsing around and learning about landscape lighting, you are going to find there are several options. There are many people who choose halogen lighting due to the wide array of brightness and wattages that are available. Solar is another smart option, but the brightness is typically limited with these types of fixtures.

This leaves LEDs. LEDs are an extremely popular type of outdoor lighting. While these fixtures are typically a bit more expensive upfront, they are going to help you save money down the road and for as long as they remain installed.

How LEDs Help You Save Money

Many people find halogen lights appealing because it is a pretty inexpensive option. However, the bulbs used with these fixtures don’t last very long. While LED lighting costs more initially, the bulbs are going to last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. In fact, a single bulb may last for up to 12 months with the entire lighting system lasting for a decade – or more.

Not only do LED lights last longer, the quality of the light they emit is excellent. Also, maintenance costs are extremely low. When you choose LED lighting, you can expect to see savings of as much as 80 percent on your usual energy costs. Also, due to new developments in LED technology, new improvements for this lighting option are released all the time.

Is LED Landscape Lighting Right for You?

Are you still unsure if LED landscape lighting is right for you? If so, consider a few questions:

  • Do you want lighting that lasts for a long time?
  • Are you looking for bulbs that don’t have to be replaced constantly?
  • Do you want to save money on your electricity costs?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then choosing LED lighting is right for your home’s landscape. With this lighting in place, you can help set your house apart from all the others nearby. If you are ready to get started with LED lighting for your home, contact The IDL Company today.