As the weather outside starts to heat up, you will have to focus more and more on keeping your lawn in good shape. Long periods without rain can lead to dead patches in your grass. These spots of dead grass can reduce the overall appeal your home’s exterior has. The best way to prevent this from happening is by having a sprinkler system installed. Once you have your new sprinkler system in place, you will need to think about how to minimize the amount of water you waste during the hotter portions of the year. Below are some of the things you can do when trying to reduce overwatering and overspending.

Improve the Distribution of Water

One of the biggest mistakes made in regards to a home’s sprinkler is using it too much. If you do not take the time to put your sprinkler system on a timer, it will usually lead to a lot of water waste. Some homeowners will see a patch of brown grass and will automatically start watering it more. This is not only wasteful, but ineffective. If unsure about how to properly work your sprinkler timer, then consulting with a professional is a must. They can help you get the timer set and let you know how often you need to be watering your grass.

Making Sure Pressure Regulation is Correct

The next thing you need to consider when trying to save water during the spring and summer months is properly regulating the pressure on your sprinkler system. Having the pressure set too high can lead to water being wasted via wind drift. If you reduce the pressure, it will make the water droplets coming out of the sprinkler bigger and heavier. This means that it will be harder for them to be carried off by a strong wind. Making minor adjustments like this can add up to big savings.

Having the Sprinkler System Professionally Maintained

Another important thing you should do when trying to reduce water waste is having your sprinkler system maintained by a professional on a regular basis. Professionals will be able to inspect the system to ensure all of the parts it has are operating efficiently. If any of the sprinkler heads or pipes are damaged, it could lead to a variety of problems. Trying to maintain this system on your own is a bad idea due to the damage you can cause.  

If you are in need of a new sprinkler system or maintenance to your existing one, then the team at The IDL Company is here to help. Our team of experienced technicians can help you get the most out of your sprinkler system.