When the weather turns warm, many people are ready to host outdoor events from barbecues and pool parties to weddings and more. There’s no better way to show off your beautiful landscape than to install security LED landscape lighting.

Keep in mind, it’s during the summer months that home and property theft numbers go up, as well as accidents and drownings. The good news is, having well-lit paths and other outside areas can help ensure these devastating events don’t occur.

The Importance of Installing LED Security Lighting

When darkness arrives, the setting can completely change. Shadows may occur, which often look real when they aren’t, and vice-versa. The foreground and background can begin to blend together, making hard to distinguish what’s real, and what’s not. As a result, having well-lit pathways and outdoor spaces is absolutely essential.

As mentioned above, the summer months are also when home burglaries go up. These nefarious individuals take advantage of dark, unlit areas, shrubs near windows, and more. This means now is the time to light up all these areas with quality LED lighting.

It’s a good idea to install these lights near windows, in alcoves where it’s dark or shadows tend to form, and in other dark or shadowed parts of your property. All these lights and well-lit areas is going to turn your home into an unappealing target.

Achieving a Sense of Composition and Balance

When it is time to begin designing and planning your landscape lighting design, it’s a good idea to find a happy medium between composition and balance. You need to design for what’s in your landscape, as well as for what’s not. When it comes to safety, it’s essential to install lighting that helps to balance ambiance with aesthetic appeal. When this is done properly, it provides a higher level of security, too.

Some of the lighting options to use to achieve this balance include up and down lighting, wash lighting, and path lighting. If you aren’t sure how to create this design on your own, then hiring the pros is a smart move.

Security and Safety

It’s important to pinpoint areas in your yard that may be prone to being targeted by individuals with bad intentions. This is where you should concentrate lighting, as it is going to minimize the “hiding spots” in your yard.

Get Started with Help from the Pros

If you are ready to have landscape lighting installed in your yard, then it is a good idea to reach out to the pros. They can help evaluate what your yard needs for superior lighting and ensure that the proper type of lighting is installed.

If you are ready to get started with a security LED landscape lighting plan for your yard and property, then contact our team at The IDL Company today. We can provide a thorough evaluation of your yard and ensure you get the safety and security that only quality, LED outdoor lighting can provide.