Many people wonder why sprinkler winterization is so important. Others don’t think it is, which results in them doing nothing, and facing serious issues and damages in the spring. If you don’t fully understand the importance of winterization for your sprinkler system, you aren’t alone, but you should read the information here to see why this is a service you shouldn’t put off.

The Reason to Winterize

The main thought that many people have regarding sprinkler winterization is – if the pipes are underground, then how will they freeze?

The simple answer is that when freezing weather occurs, the frost levels will sink into the soil, going deeper and deeper. The depth the frost reaches is dependent on how cold it is outside, and how long it remains cold. Once the temperatures rise above freezing, the soil will slowly begin to thaw.

The depth the frost reaches is dependent on a number of variables. However, most sprinkler systems are only buried in the ground eight to 12 inches (at most), which means they may be above the frost line and susceptible to freezing.

Consider the Variables

Generally, you don’t know what’s underground, or how deep it is. In some cases, it will get really cold and last for a long time. When this situation occurs, the frost line will go deeper into the ground, increasing the likelihood that your sprinkler pipes will be affected.

Additionally, micro climates matter. If there is a spot that is particular windy, then the cold is going to go deeper in that area. Also, if there is a concrete retaining wall and sprinkler pipes on the other side, the cold will be coming from the top and from the side of the wall, which allows it to penetrate the ground and pipes much more. Even factors such as soil conditions, the lack of mulch, vegetation and more can influence how deep the frost goes into the ground.

The Consequences of a Freeze on Your Sprinkler System

If your sprinkler pipes do become frozen, several consequences may occur. For example:

  • The pipes may crack if they freeze when they are filled up with water
  • The pipe fittings may crack
  • The anti-siphon devices and valves may also be affected, and these are some of the most expensive parts

How Winterization Can Help

When you call on the professionals for winterization of your sprinkler system, you can ensure none of the issues mentioned above occur. The professional technician will remove all the water from your pipes and sprinkler heads to ensure no adverse consequences occur.

If you need sprinkler winterization, contact the professionals from The IDL Company. They can inspect, clean, maintain and repair your sprinkler system throughout the year, and ensure no issues occur during the colder months.