Most people rely on their sprinkler system to keep their yard, plants and grass healthy. However, with constant use, issues can arise. Being aware of the signs of a problem is the best way to ensure they are fixed quickly and no other issues occur.

Some of the most common indications that it is time to call the professionals for sprinkler repair services are highlighted here.

Parched Patches and Soaked Spots

Having a sprinkler system that provides balanced coverage will ensure the lawn remains healthy. However, a leak in the home’s irrigation system can negatively impact the water distribution. Patches of yellow grass or areas that are overly saturated can indicate issues that range from faulty sprinkler heads to incorrect zone settings. Calling a landscape professional will allow you to find the issue and ensure proper water flow is restored to keep grass and other plants healthy and green.

Control Valves that Constantly Drip

The back end of your yard’s sprinkler system is what is responsible for delivering the proper amount of water to each zone of your yard. A valve that is operating properly should never leak or drip and any damp areas around filters or pressure regulators are signs of an issue. Small grass clippings and dirt particles that accumulate in the equipment can result in leaks that will compromise the operation. Make sure you don’t ignore these drips.

Sprinkler Heads that Sputter

When your system’s sprinkler heads begin to spray off-target, they may be responding to issues with the pressure or valves. However, over time, sprinkler heads may also develop chips or cracks that impact their performance. The pop-up heads can shift out of proper position and may sputter the misdirected water into puddles. Debris that have accumulated can cause clogs in the sprinkler heads, which may result in them spraying off-target when they should be spraying the lawn.

Low or High Pressure Issues

If there is not enough pressure, your yard won’t get the water that it needs. Also, excessive pressure can cause premature wear on the system’s equipment. Even though many fluctuations from high and low pressure may be due to the regulators and control valves, the issue may also be the irrigation pipes. These are susceptible to moving in the ground and to invasive tree roots, just like a home’s plumbing pipes.

Higher than Normal Water Costs

If you open a water bill for the month and experience a case of sticker shock, you should request help from an irrigation professional. They can check the system and figure out if a bad pressure regulator has forced too much water through your system, or a control valve that is delivering loads that are unbalanced. In many cases, a spike in your usage is an indication of a leak that needs to be fixed right away.

If you notice issues with your pipes, valves or sprinklers themselves, and need some help making the proper repair, it is best to contact the professionals. They can help ensure your sprinkler system’s efficiency is restored and that no further issues arise.