One out of ever three homeowners has no idea how often their lawn needs to be watered. Many don’t know how much water it needs, either. That’s why a large number of homeowners opt to purchase a sprinkler system – it eliminates the need to worry about this. However, what happens when the sprinklers are no longer working properly?

Unfortunately, there are many sprinkler issues that go on unnoticed for quite a while, resulting in wasted water and other issues. The good news is, there are a few signs homeowners can watch for to ensure they know when an issue is present.

The Sprinkler System has a “Head Cold”

If the sprinkler heads begin to sputter or “cough” this is a sure sign that something isn’t working properly. A spitting sprinkler can result in under- and over-watering in areas all across the lawn. While this may be the result of pressurization issues, or a problem with internal seals and valves, the heads may have also been bumped out of their proper position, or they may be clogged. There’s no way to know what the precise problem is until a professional is called to inspect the system.

Soggy Areas in the Yard

Over-watering a lawn can have disastrous results. Rather than having a lush lawn with springy green grass, there may be a swampy mess. This could be caused by leaks, incorrect zone settings or rotation issues with the sprinkler system. However, this is another situation that will be hard to evaluate without consulting with a professional first.

Pressure Issues

If the regulators and valves begin to malfunction in a sprinkler, then the water may just dribble out of the sprinkler heads, rather than spraying out like it should. There may also be a situation where the sprinkler heads have turned into water-based machine guns. When this happens, the water is so pressurized that it actually causes damage to the plants and outside furniture nearby. Don’t ignore this problem, as it is only going to get worse as time passes.

Increased Water Costs

If a homeowner notices a sudden spike in their water costs, it may be an indication of a leak or another type of malfunction in the sprinkler system. When a new system is installed, it is smart to watch the water costs to know what a “normal” price range is. Once a homeowner knows their average usage, they can easily see the changes that may indicate a problem with the sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems are supposed to add a bit of convenience to the process of lawn care. However, if they aren’t working properly, this isn’t possible. Getting to know the signs of an issue with a sprinkler system is the first step. If any of the above issues are seen, a homeowner should contact the professionals right away. At The IDL Company, they are experts in the field that can help with any sprinkler repair issue a person may have.