Having a sprinkler system in your yard offers several benefits. Checking up on how the system functions from time to time and watching for problems will help ensure it continues to work properly.

Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Repaired

If you know the signs of a problem and when repairs are required, you will be able to take care of problems as they occur. The faster you notice these issues, the faster you can get them fixed, and you can reduce the likelihood of even more damage occurring.

With that in mind, here are some of the top signs it is time to invest in irrigation system repair.

Dry or Overly Wet Patches

Balanced water coverage from your sprinkler system helps ensure your lawn remains healthy. If there is a leak, it can result in uneven water distribution. Parts of the lawn that are soaked with water and other areas with yellow grass means there is a serious issue with your system. The professionals will be able to inspect the system and determine the best course of action to fix the problem.

Dripping Control Valves

Your sprinkler system is programmed to provide a specific amount of water to each area of your lawn each day. The valves should never be leaking or dripping. Be sure to check the areas near the pressure regulators and filters to see if there are signs of a leak. Dirt and grass may get in this equipment, resulting in leaks that may cause damage to the system. If you notice signs of this issue, it is best to call the professionals for help right away.

Sputtering Sprinkler System Heads

Are your system’s sprinkler heads spraying water in areas it usually doesn’t reach? If so, this may be an indication of pressure or valve issues. Your system’s sprinkler heads may chip, crack, and result in this problem. The sprinkler heads may move out of the proper position too, which may result in puddles in your yard.

Too Low or High Pressure

If there is too little pressure or too much pressure, this can cause an issue. Usually, this problem will start in the system’s pipes. They may begin to move in the ground, which may cause them to get around tree roots. If this happens, it will impact their ability to provide the proper pressure to deliver the water.

Higher Water Costs

If your monthly water bill comes in and it is higher than usual, it is best to contact your irrigation professional to check out the system. The issue may be the regulator that is responsible for controlling the pressure. It may also be because water is leaking underground where you can’t see it. If you see that the water bill is higher, don’t ignore it. This will continue until you find the source of the problem.

Call for Help with Your Sprinkler System

If you notice any of the problems with your sprinkler system, don’t wait to call for service. The IDL Company can provide you with the service and repairs needed to restore proper function to your system.