An automatic sprinkler system is uniquely designed to use water in an extremely efficient manner. However, if it is used improperly, they may also waste quite a bit of water. The good news is, there are a few simple adjustments you can make to ensure your sprinkler system can conserve water while keeping your lawn and garden healthy and green.

Adjust the Clock Settings on the Sprinkler for the Appropriate Time of Year

One of the main ways for homeowner’s waste way is if they don’t set the sprinkler clocks properly. During the spring and fall grass needs much less water than what it needs in the heat of the summer. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners only set the sprinkler clock one time in the spring and then they let the system continue watering the same – regardless of the weather.

This can result in the grass getting too much water when it isn’t needed and not enough when it really needs it. You need to adjust the watering cycles based on the weather patterns, as well as the time of year. This can help you save quite a bit of water.

Not All Sprinkler Heads are the Same

Every type of sprinkler head is going to apply a different amount of water. A spray head will put out water faster than the rotors do. There are some heads that have interchangeable nozzles that are designed to use less or more water.

You need to know that you can’t treat all the sprinkler zones exactly the same. Every zone requires different watering times to ensure the right amount of water is used. Be sure to set the run times for every zone based on the amount of water applied by the type of sprinkler head being used. This can help prevent overwatering and the waste of water.

Install a Rain Sensor

It doesn’t make sense for your sprinklers to be running when it is raining. However, you have probably seen systems on while it is pouring out – you may even be guilty of this yourself. A great way to avoid wasting water in this manner is to install a rain sensor. If it starts raining the sensor will shut down and prevent the system from coming on.

Align the Sprinkler Heads

You need to apply water where it is needed. Watering your sidewalks or driveways isn’t a good use of water. By aligning your sprinkler heads, you can ensure proper coverage and the right spray patterns.

Your sprinkler system can be an effective way to keep your lawn healthy and green without having to worry about manually watering day after day. However, if you want to ensure you aren’t wasting water, you need to use the tips listed here. If you need help with your sprinkler system, contact the professionals at The IDL Company. They can help ensure your sprinkler system is working efficiently and that it isn’t wasting water year-round.