When you own your home, you are privy to a number of benefits. One of these is being able to escape to the great outdoors – without even having to leave your property. Fire pits, music systems, and outdoor kitchens are all hot trends in the realm of backyard living; however, another element of outdoor life that you can enjoy year-round is the lighting.

Even though landscape lighting is something that has been around for many years, it is still evolving. The same trends that are driving the next-generation lighting experiences inside your home are also occurring outside. LEDs provide energy-saving benefits, reliability, and performance and, when paired with smart home control features, they can bring security, convenience and even a bit of dramatic flair to your landscaping, entertainment areas and walking paths.

Providing a Window to Your Outdoor World

The right outdoor lighting provides you a view out your windows. Rather than just looking into black mirrors because the lighting levels outside are too low (or non-existent) compared to the light inside, you can enjoy your outdoor space, regardless of what time of day (or night) it is.

If you want to see your landscape lighting at night, you either have to turn your interior lights off or increase the lighting level outside to a level that is much higher than you would want if you are actually in the garden. This is where smart lighting controls come in. Rather than having to go to each lamp and adjust its levels, you can adjust the entire space with the push of a few buttons from your smartphone.

Lighting Effects

When designed properly, you can use outdoor lighting for highlighting your trees, creating a border for your walkway or driveway, and adding visual indications of the security system present. The techniques vary based on the type of effect you want to achieve and the areas that you want to downplay or highlight.

Regardless of if you want to install downlighting or uplighting, or install spotlights, modern technology has made it possible to control the brightness of these lights, if they are off or on and even schedule times for the lights to come on automatically.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Controls

Controls are extremely valuable when it comes to landscape lighting. You can easily use these “smart” controls to adjust the levels of each lighting element in a yard – all by pressing a single button. Regardless of if you are enjoying the outdoors from inside your home, or outside, you can easily adjust the levels, turn off certain areas and make the space comfortable based on your preferences.

With a lighting control system, you can also adjust the light based on the activities going on or your mood. You can also incorporate music, which can be controlled with the same remote or app.

Security, Convenience, and Control

In addition to being able to control the lights through an app on a tablet or smartphone, the majority of home systems also feature a wired keypad that many homeowners like. Having both wireless and wired options for controlling your outdoor lighting makes this smart option even more appealing to homeowners.

Do you want to hook your outdoor lighting up to a “smart” system? If so, contact the professionals from The IDL Company to learn more.