The smart home market is growing steadily. More and more homeowners around the country are embracing smart doorbells, thermostats, security systems, and more all powered by intelligent systems that are more hands-off and sophisticated than ever before. What you may not realize is this same smart technology is now available for your sprinkler system, too.

Benefits of Installing a Smart Sprinkler System

Today, there is a lot of emphases put on the inside of the home. Because of this, you may not have thought much about how smart technology can benefit the outside of your home, too.

Some of the biggest benefits are detailed below.

Advanced Water Monitoring

Depending on the type and brand of smart sprinkler system you choose, some will be able to adjust the watering schedule automatically to accommodate the different environmental conditions. These models will gauge the water use in your yard based on:

  • Weather conditions
  • Slope of the yard
  • Types of grasses or plants being watered
  • Soil in the yard

These intuitive systems understand the forecast and will automatically adjust. They will sense the weather outside and conform to seasonal changes.

This helps you save time and money, which is something every homeowner appreciates.

Discover Issues Earlier

In the past, you would have to get an extremely high water bill in the mail before you knew there could be a leak in your sprinkler system. With smart sprinkler systems, you have a device that is linked to a flow meter that will send alerts or turn off the irrigation as soon as a broken pipe or leak is detected.

With this, you can find the underlying issue quickly before it becomes a bigger and more expensive problem.

Healthier Grass, Plants, and Trees

Are you worried your lawn will not look as good as your neighbors if you are controlling the water usage through a smart sprinkler system? What you may not realize is that usually, the exact opposite will be true.

Usually, landscape loss occurs because you overwater, not underwater. Modern irrigation systems offer quality sprinkler controllers that deliver the right amount of water to your lawn and plants, helping them reach optimal levels so they grow and thrive.

Along with adjusting for the type of soil you have; you will also find smart sprinkler systems that will follow the cycle-and-soak irrigation method. This ensures the water soaks further into the soil, helping to reduce runoff in your lawn.

Easy Smartphone Control

Have you ever had to rush home to turn off the irrigation system – or wake up in the middle of the night? If so, you know how frustrating this can be. Therefore, smartphone control is considered a top benefit of any smart irrigation system.

If you want to add smart controls to your existing irrigation system or have a new, smart system installed, contact our team at The IDL Company. We can help ensure your sprinkler system provides all the benefits mentioned here, and more.