There is no question that watering your lawn, plants, trees and bushes is a must if you want to keep them healthy and green. However, there are a number of traditional sprinkler systems that may over-water, turn on when it is raining and use more energy than necessary. The good news is, thanks to smart technology, there are now a number of innovative options available to help you cut water waste and use, ensuring that your bills stay down and that your lawn continues to look great. Learning more about this new technology can help you see all the benefits it has to offer.

Creates a Beautiful Landscape

When you install a smart control system for your sprinklers, it will help your landscape flourish. This is because it provides the optimum amount of water, without over or under watering the plants and grass. While you likely know that under watering your landscape will result in dry, dead grass and shrubs, over-watering can be just as dangerous. Having precise controls set will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Reduce Water Waste

When irrigation run times are properly scheduled, and the adjustments are made to ensure the specific plant needs are met, the smart controllers that are available will ensure the right amount of water is used. This will minimize the amount of water wasted and reduce water runoff, which can create drainage issues in your yard.

Save Money

When you install the smart controllers for your irrigation system, it will eliminate overwatering and may help to lower your overall water-use expenses. The savings you will see will be determined by past irrigation schedules and design. There are some areas that may even offer savings or rebates for homeowners who use these smart control options.

Offers Superior Convenience

When smart controllers are installed for your sprinkler system, they will handle all the adjusting for you. Once they are properly configured, the technology in these devices can monitor the weather data and automatically adjust your landscape irrigations schedule to ensure optimal watering.

For example, if you don’t have smart controllers in place and it rains during a time the sprinklers are scheduled to turn on and you are not home, the sprinkler system will continue to run. However, with the smart controllers in place, the system will shut down automatically until the next scheduled run cycle. This type of technology gives you peace of mind that your sprinklers will only turn on when necessary, which means you can sit back, relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

If you find the idea of smart controllers for your sprinkler system appealing, contact the IDL Company today for more information. They can evaluate your existing system or install a completely new sprinkler system so you can have a beautiful, lush lawn and landscape to enjoy.