The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. It is almost time to begin enjoying your backyard once again. While your landscape lighting is back to work, you may notice it doesn’t have the same “pizazz” it did in years past.

Regardless of the steps you took to winterize your outdoor lighting system, winter can cause damage and erosion. As a result, your lighting may need some freshening up if you want to use it to its full potential this summer. Some tips to help you get your landscape lighting for the days ahead can be found here.

Clean the Fixtures

You know that salt can hurt your vehicle, right? It only makes sense that it could also cause damage or issues for your landscape lighting. You should take some time to clean the salt away from the fixtures, which will help to prevent scratches and erosion.

Salt can significantly reduce the illumination quality you receive from your fixtures. To clean it away use a clean cloth and gentle soap. This will remove any salt residue present.

While cleaning the salt away, make sure to move any debris or leaves away from the lights, too. If the debris remain in place, they can obscure the glow from the fixtures and reduce the benefits of the lighting.

Be Careful with the Mower

Now that you are using your lawn mower to trim your grass again, you need to watch where you are going. While landscape lighting fixtures are designed to be durable, you need to be mindful when you are going through the areas where the fixtures are. If you accidentally hit one, it can cause damage to your light, as well as your mower, in some cases.

Install High-Quality Fixtures

One of the absolute best ways to reduce the maintenance your landscape lights require is by investing in high-quality lights to begin with. When you purchase sturdy fixtures, they will be able to withstand wear and tear.

If you aren’t sure what high-quality light fixtures to purchase, consider working with the professionals. They can help you find the right lights for your landscape.

Plan Carefully

Keep in mind, the landscape design you were using during the winter, may not be best for spring or summer. As a result, you may need to make a few adjustments. Make sure you position your lights so that they highlight all the great qualities of your outdoor space.

This is another reason to call the professionals. They can help you develop a landscape lighting design that works for your yard and ensures the best qualities are highlighted.

Call the Professionals to Help with Springtime Landscape Light Maintenance

If you don’t have any landscape lights in place, want to make adjustments to the existing ones, or just need help developing a lighting plan, then contacting the professionals can be beneficial. Learn more about professional landscape lighting services by contacting the professional staff at The IDL Company.