During the fall and winter, your irrigation system gets a bit of a hiatus. However, as summer gets closer, you need to ensure your sprinkler is ready for the intense work ahead.

During warm weather, your lawn requires regular watering to keep it lush, green, and healthy. If you have not used your sprinkler for a while, you need to make sure everything is functioning properly before summer arrives. If the system is damaged, it may mean more than just dry, dead grass – it could result in the need for expensive repairs.

Don’t worry. With the information below, you can feel confident your sprinkler is ready for the warm weather ahead.

Repair Heads and Nozzles

When you first turn on your sprinkler, you may notice some dry spots on your lawn. These are caused by damaged equipment that is keeping the water from covering the whole area.

The sprinkler heads may get damaged if excessive dirt or debris accumulates in the system. The nozzles, rotors, and heads may break when they are stepped on or driven over, too. Even if the parts seem like they are in good shape, they could be leaking when you turn the system on.

If your sprinkler system has not been used for a while, it’s a good idea to plan a “test run.” By doing this, you can feel confident everything is working properly. You should also take time to clear away any dirt or roots that have clogged the heads.

Look for Slow Leaks

Your irrigation system should not leak any water while the system is turned off. If this happens, your utility bills may go up significantly. Looking around your yard will help you tell if there are any leaks. If leakage is present in a nozzle after the system is turned off, it indicates a problem with the zone control valve. At this point, calling the professionals for repairs is best.

Make Sure the System Turns Off

An automated irrigation system will work based on the schedule set by you. When the system is running, it needs to shut down automatically after a certain amount of time has passed. If this doesn’t happen, you may face flooding in your yard and expensive bills.

After the cold winter months, you may have a problem with one sprinkler head running when the other ones have been turned off. This type of failure indicates a scheduling mistake with the controller or a mechanical problem.

Turn the controller off to figure out what the underlying issue is. If the system turns off, you can determine the controller is to blame. However, if the system continues running after the controller is off, shut the water off from the source. This is another issue that requires a professional’s help for repairs.

Getting Your Sprinkler System Ready for Summer

When it comes to getting your sprinkler system ready for summer, there are several things you must do. Keep the information above in mind and contact The IDL Company for help if you can’t get things up and running properly.