With a higher quality of light, up to 75% energy savings, and quick and easy maintenance, it is surprising that anyone uses anything besides LEDs, right? If you aren’t convinced of this fact, keep reading. Here you can learn more about the right lighting to use in your landscape design this summer.

1. It’s Safer and More Secure

An unfortunate fact is that there are few neighborhoods that are safe from crime. However, a deterrent to even the boldest criminals is a well-lit property. Even when you come home late at night, the right lights will help you feel safer, too.

As you are walking to your front door, you’ll find quality landscape light makes your landscape features stand out and illuminates the darkest corners of the property. The right landscape lighting will serve as a great enhancement to your security system.

Yard illumination provides you with peace of mind if your child is arriving later in the evening, too. If someone is delivering a package, the delivery person will be able to make it to the door without issue.

2. Real Estate Value

Consider your property value. If you have quality landscape lighting, it is going to attract the interest of any potential home buyer, if you ever decide to sell. Having a quality outdoor lighting system, installed by professionals, is a smart and affordable way to improve your property value.

Not only will the right lighting add more security, it also helps to highlight the best features of your landscape. With up-lighting, you can enhance the tall trees on your property, along with other mature plants.

3. LED Is an Energy-Efficient Option

The right LED landscape lighting will use much less energy than the more traditional lighting options, helping to cut your energy costs by as much as 75%. While the upfront purchase price of these lights may seem higher, they will pay for themselves as time passes. Quality LED lights won’t burn out for years.

4. Décor Benefits

The decorative touches offered by summer landscape lighting are virtually endless. Landscape lights will help to illuminate your deck, highlight figurines in your hedges, and even ensure everyone notices your favorite garden gnome. Your home entrances will be more visible, you can showcase rich stone walls, wood fences, and even brick-paved driveways.

5. You Can Get a Free Consultation

You don’t have to jump right into your new landscape lighting system without getting to know your options. You can contact the professionals at IDL Company for a free estimate. We will discuss your options and help ensure you choose the right lighting fixtures for your needs.

If you are ready to enhance your landscape lighting for the summer, contact the professionals at IDL Company today. You won’t be disappointed with the amazing results that are achieved. Being informed and knowing all the benefits that the right landscape lighting offers can help you see why this is such a smart investment.