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wind water waste kansas city

What to Know About Watering and Wind

When you are running your sprinkler system’s spray zones, you may find things a bit more challenging on windy days. With high wind, the water

sprinkler system winterization kansas city

Is Your Sprinkler Winter Ready?

Did you know that freezing temperatures are a serious threat to your irrigation system? Do you want to avoid having to make expensive repairs in

fall sprinkler maintenance kansas city

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Sprinkler

Your sprinkler system works throughout the warmer months of the year, providing sufficient water to your lawn and plants. Regardless of the configuration or size

Sprinkler Programming Tips

Kansas City Sprinkler Programming Tips

Are you looking for sprinkler programming tips? Ever wondered how long you should run your sprinklers? If so, you’re not the only one. However, there’s no