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14 Dec 2020
winterization irrigation system kansas city

Potential Damage That May Occur without Winterization for Your Irrigation System

It is easy to forget and overlook some aspects of home maintenance, such as winterizing your irrigation system. With the holidays approaching, busy work schedules, and more, these winter maintenance tasks may slip your mind. However, not doing winterization of an irrigation system is one of the most common reasons you have to call for irrigation repair in the spring.READ MORE

07 Dec 2020
winter irrigation system kansas city

Are You Winter Ready: How to Safeguard Your Irrigation System

The idea of getting your irrigation system ready for winter needs to be done correctly to make sure there are no expensive repairs or replacements that need to be made in spring. The process of getting the system winter-ready requires all the water to be expelled from the system and all components. This is needed to help keep the water inside from freezing and breaking the pumps, sprinklers, valves, fittings, and other components.READ MORE

14 Sep 2020
fall sprinkler kansas city

Fall Is Coming – Is Your Sprinkler System Ready?

If you are like many people, it’s probably a bit of a relief when the summertime heat finally breaks, and you feel your first fall breeze. Almost everyone enjoys the milder days of fall. When these first cool breezes appear in the fall, there’s something you should think about – your sprinkler system. While you may not need it as often (or at all) during the colder months of the year, you still have to make sure it’s protected. If you ignore your sprinkler system, you may be in store for an unpleasant surprise when you try to turn it on next spring.

To ensure the sprinkler system is ready for fall and winter, use the steps here.


30 Dec 2019
winter irrigation system kansas city

Winter Woes: Winter Threats to Your Irrigation System

In Kansas City, you already know the temperatures can drop quite a bit, often unexpectedly. When they get close to freezing, or below freezing, there’s the possibility that your water pipes will freeze or even burst. While you may focus on protecting your interior plumbing, these temperatures may also put your irrigation system at risk for this type of damage.READ MORE