There is no question that technology has changed quite a bit in the past two decades. Did you even know that the first outdoor lighting fixtures were made from fruit juice cans, mayonnaise jars, automobile lamps, painted coffee cans and 12-volt batteries? Modern fixtures are more sleek, compact and available in a number of different materials.

The materials used for the fixture you choose can impact how it will hold up outside. For example, copper fixtures typically hold up well in the snowy weather conditions in Kansas. However, even though these fixtures are designed to last, at some point, it will be time to think about upgrading or replacing your outside lighting fixtures. Some of the signs it is time to do this can be found here.

Frequent Repairs for the Fixtures are Needed

Moisture and continued exposure to your outside lighting can wreak havoc on your fixtures. As with any type of mechanical equipment you buy, there comes a time when it is going to need repairs more frequently. At this point, you have to decide if it is going to be more affordable to continue having repairs done or if it will be more affordable to have the fixture replaced.

Each landscape lighting fixture you install will include a socket that the bulb will screw or plug into. However, just like anything else left in the elements, older fixtures can begin to allow moisture in. This can result in corrosion and the lamps not working properly. In most cases, there is no point in trying to repair this type of issue; replacement will be the best option.

You Want to Conserve Energy

When you install new outdoor lighting fixtures, you will find that they offer a number of energy saving benefits. With new fixtures, you can use LED bulbs, rather than the energy-wasting incandescent bulbs. A LED bulb will use a fraction of the energy required by incandescent because they don’t waste energy by creating heat. Approximately 90 percent of the energy used for powering in an incandescent bulb is turned into heat. Also, a LED bulb will have the additional benefit of a longer life than the old, incandescent bulbs.

You Want to Upgrade Your Home’s Look

New, modern fixtures are specifically designed for durability and attractiveness. As mentioned earlier, the low voltage lighting fixture industry has grown quite a bit in the past few years. There are now a wide array of landscape lighting fixtures that are not only more durable but also much more aesthetically pleasing than the older versions. You can easily pick and choose custom fixtures that match your own personal style, as well as the look of your home.

If you have noticed any of these issues with your current landscape lighting, then it may be a good idea to consider an upgrade. If you are ready to make a change, contact the staff at the IDL Company to learn more.