Have you heard the saying, “a watered lawn is a happy lawn?” While it may not be that common, it’s true. Sometimes, that means you have to use your sprinklers to keep your grass green and healthy. The truth is, though, it’s easy to forget about your sprinklers when you aren’t using them. After all, if everything is working properly, sprinklers are often forgotten. If you are like most people, you don’t take notice unless something isn’t working properly.

It’s important to pay attention to your sprinklers to make sure they don’t break when they are needed. Some of the issues that may arise if you ignore your sprinklers can be found here.

Too Much Pressure

One of the biggest dangers is also one that goes unnoticed. The water pressure. If it builds and becomes too high, you will get an excessive amount of water on your lawn, which can begin to overwhelm the grass.

If the pressure is too low, you won’t get proper coverage or uniformity where the water is distributed, leaving certain parts of your lawn without any water. In most cases, this isn’t directly related to the sprinklers, but it is a problem you will find while checking them.

Staying on top of the problem can help you save your entire sprinkler system. If the water pressure becomes too high, it puts too much stress on your system. If this happens, you will have to call the professionals for repairs or, in some cases, a complete replacement.

Broken Parts

The actual sprinkler may also cause issues. Broken sprinkler heads mean there isn’t enough water coming out to spray an area, or that no water comes out, at all. Sprinklers may also break and cause the water to spray straight up, which waters nothing but still costs you money. By checking your sprinkler system regularly, you can catch these issues and have them fixed in a timely manner.

Tilt and Clog

If your sprinkler head isn’t set straight, the tilt can result in the water being sprayed at weird angles. This may result in entire sections of your lawn being missed. If the issue isn’t found and fixed, then certain parts of your grass may begin to turn brown and die.

If you notice the water isn’t coming out of your sprinklers the way it should, make sure to check for any tilting or for a clog. Clogs are usually the culprit if you notice the water being “spit” out, rather than sprayed out. A professional can easily help you with this issue before serious damage occurs.

Caring for Your Sprinklers

A great way to keep your sprinklers working properly is by taking care of them. If you maintain and inspect them regularly, you won’t need as many costly repairs.

To learn more about sprinkler inspections and repair, or to schedule an appointment, contact the professional staff at The IDL Company.