When you add a sprinkler system to your property, you can reduce landscape maintenance requirements. In fact, when a high-quality system is installed, you can rely on it, season after season, to ensure your grass, plants and other live elements are properly cared for, without having to take time away from your busy day to do this manually. Even though modern sprinkler systems are pretty low maintenance, they do require attention from time to time.

One of the more important types of maintenance your sprinkler system requires is a blow out, when temperatures start to fall. This is maintenance that is strongly suggested, and there are several reasons for this. Keep reading to learn why winterization is so important for your sprinkler system.

Bigger Problems in the Future

There are few things that are worse than when smaller issues, turn into more significant problems. Unfortunately, this is exactly what may happen if you don’t have your sprinklers blown out. Even more important is that you have this done by the professionals. As it gets colder outside, there’s an increased chance of your pipes freezing. If this occurs, any water in them, or that’s moving through them, can result in a leak or blown pipe.

While some view those issues as small problems that can wait until the next season to deal with, this isn’t the case. Leaks and blown pipes can cause serious damage, even during the colder seasons of the year. From the need for expensive pipe repairs to damage to your foundation, you want to make sure these problems are avoided. As a result, it’s always best to have your sprinkler system winterized now, rather than waiting and hoping issues don’t occur.

The Affects to Your Warranty

From the sprinkler system itself, to your insurance, the maintenance provided is always considered. One maintenance task that needs to be completed, without fail each season, is to have the sprinklers blown out. If you make the decision not to have this done, or if you do it yourself, it could result in serious damage. This may affect the warranty on the system, or an insurance claim you make.

Instead of trying to handle this maintenance on your own, make sure to call the professionals for help. They will take some of the work off your plate, and you can feel sure that the work will be done properly.

Avoid Expensive Damages

As mentioned above, if you don’t have your sprinkler system winterized, it can lead to serious damages in the future. These damages could affect your warranty. Something that’s extremely important to understand is that the type of damages that occur due to a sprinkler system that hasn’t been properly prepared for winter are extremely high. Why even chance it when this simple maintenance task is relatively affordable?

Investing in a sprinkler blow out when the temperatures get cold just makes sense. To schedule an appointment, contact the team at The IDL Company today.