If you water your lawn and garden by hand, more than 50% of the water is wasted via evaporation and runoff. In comparison, automatic irrigation systems provide you with several benefits that can help reduce your water usage, helping you conserve resources and reducing costs. Keep reading to learn more about how you can save water and have a healthy lawn (along with other benefits) when installing a sprinkler system.

Save Time and Water

Sprinkler systems are able to be set so they turn on daily or weekly, and they can be timed to begin working at specific hours of the day – or night. The system will also shut the water off automatically when it’s done.

When you have an automated sprinkler system distributing your water supply, you don’t have to be physically present for the watering to be effective. The automatic shut off is going to keep usage to a minimum, and reduce your water costs, since less is going to be used.

Also, since the systems are able to be turned on and off automatically, it’s possible to avoid spending too much time having to water the lawn and garden. This is going to allow you to focus on other things, rather than having to spend so much time watering the lawn and garden.

Reduce Weed Growth

Another benefit offered by installing a sprinkler system that’s designed for your landscape, particularly, is that only the areas that actually need water are going to receive it. This is going to help prevent excessive weed growth.

Improve Plant Growth

Plants are going to grow greener and faster when they are watered with smaller amounts of water for a longer period of time. This is exactly what modern sprinkler systems are designed to do. When you install a quality sprinkler system, it is going to significantly improve plant and grass growth.

Preserve Soil Nutrients

If you still water your lawn and garden by hand, it can lead to too much water getting into the soil. Water runoff that seeps into the soil and carries away important nutrients is bad for your plants. If you use a hose, it can also result in soil compaction, which my lead to root disease and plant suffocation. With a sprinkler system, you can preserve the structure of your soil and ensure your plants are absorbing the nutrients, rather than runoff water.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you don’t have a sprinkler system yet, then now is the time to consider investing in one. If it is time for this installation, then be sure to contact our team at The IDL Company. We can provide you with a custom sprinkler system design to ensure all your plants and grass get the water needed – not too little and not too much.