Selecting an automatic sprinkler system for your Kansas City home is a great way for you to ensure your lawn remains green and healthy, and to save money. However, modern automatic sprinkler systems may have to be adjusted to ensure they don’t waste water or cause any other expenses. Some adjustments you can make to help you save money and water with your sprinkler system this year are listed here.

Modify Your Sprinkler Clock Settings

One of the main ways you can avoid wasting water is by adjusting the sprinkler settings during the various seasons. For example, in the fall and spring, your grass isn’t going to require as much water as it will in the middle of the summer. If you don’t adjust these settings, then it may result in your lawn getting too much, or not enough water. This is inefficient and can result in higher costs. By changing the sprinkler system based on the area’s weather patterns, you can save money, too. After all, your lawn doesn’t need to be watered during the rainy season.

Adjust Your Sprinkler Heads

Another effective way for you to save money with your sprinkler system is by always adjusting the sprinkler heads so they don’t water the sidewalk or driveway. When you align the sprinkler head with the right coverage and spray patterns, it is going to maximize overall efficiency while making sure that your lawn gets the amount of water that’s needed. When you adjust the sprinkler heads, you can also keep run off down.

Understand the Sprinkler Options that are Available

It’s important to understand that not all sprinkler heads are created the same. Some are going to spray water at a much faster rate than others. You may also need to switch out the sprinkler heads to help you in controlling the flow of water. After all, each of the zones is going to require a specific amount of water. Be sure that you set the run times for each zone accordingly. This can help you maximize the water output, without causing any waste.

Install a Low Volume Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler head designs are ever-changing. Today, you can purchase a low volume sprinkler head, which allows more water to soak into your lawn with minimal runoff. Additionally, low volume sprinkler heads are going to reduce the total amount of water that is evaporating into the air. This is just another reason you should consider investing in the installation of a sprinkler system for your yard.

When you understand all the ways you can save water during the summer months, you can also minimize your expenses. If you need help with this, or still need to have a sprinkler system installed, then be sure to contact us. Our team at The IDL Company can provide you with the installation, repair, and other services you may need for any irrigation system.