With spring right around the corner, you are likely already making plans on how to revitalize your lawn. After all, the cold winter months can really take its toll on your grass and plants.

One of the key components to ensuring that your lawn and plants remain healthy is to water them regularly. However, watering on a sporadic schedule, or watering too little or too much, can actually have detrimental effects on the overall health of your lawn.

Here you can learn some helpful tips to ensure your lawn is the envy of all your neighbors this year.

Timing Matters

When it comes to watering your lawn, timing matters. It is important that you water your lawn during the early morning hours, ideally between 6 am and 10 am. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, the wind speeds are low, and the sun isn’t as hot. This means that there is a lower chance your grass and plants will lose the water because of evaporation.

Additionally, if you water at night, it may lead to the growth of fungus, which can cause damage to your lawn. If you are unable to water in the morning, then try to water in the late afternoon, between 4 pm and 7 pm.

If you don’t really have the time to make sure that your lawn is watered at certain times manually, then use automatic timers on your sprinkler system. This will ensure your grass and plants get the hydration needed, even if you aren’t home.

Mulch is Extremely Beneficial

You should always mulch your lawn. In addition to the green-friendly benefits offered, mulch can also help to preserve moisture and keep your lawn hydrated by ensuring sunlight doesn’t reach the soil. Mulch will also help to prevent overwatering by providing a barrier between the grass and soil, which means there is one less thing you have to worry about.

Don’t Overwater Your Lawn

If you know it is going to rain the next day, you should turn off your sprinklers. If you overwater, it can cause serious damage to your grass and encourage fungal growth, as well as other diseases.

If you are using a sprinkler system, make sure to install a rain sensor. If there is moisture present, then it will keep the sprinkler system from turning on, helping you avoid the issue of overwatering.

Watering Rules

When it comes to watering your lawn and plants, it is always better to water your grass and plants deeply and do it less frequently than it is to water shallow and do it often. This will encourage your grass and plant’s roots to grow deeper into the ground, which will make the plant healthier.

If you need help determining a watering schedule for your lawn and plants or need to have a sprinkler system installed, it is a good idea to contact the professionals. The team at The IDL Company can provide advice and guidance that will help you water your lawn and plants properly.