As a child, you believe the only purpose for sprinklers is water fun. However, as you get older, you learn how invaluable a well-designed sprinkler system can be for your lawn and garden. In fact, it can help you create a beautiful oasis right in your backyard.

To get the beautiful, green, healthy lawn and plants you want, you have to install the right type of sprinkler heads. Believe it or not, there are several options to choose from. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular sprinkler heads to determine which one is the best suit for your yard and needs.

Fixed Nozzles

Just as the name implies, a fixed nozzle is stationary. It will not turn but can purchase in different arcs. You can find options as a half-circle, full circle, quarter-circle, three-quarter circle, and end strip. There may be other options, too, depending on the manufacturer you buy from.

Fixed spray heads can purchase in different sizes based on how far they spray water. Some of the most common sizes include 12 feet to 15 feet.

Rotary Nozzle Sprinkler Heads

Rotary nozzle spray heads can find in several sizes to meet the watering needs of your property. If you have a bigger yard, then rotary sprinkler heads make a smart choice.

In some situations, these are called gear-driven nozzles. These are also designed to pop up and then go back into the ground when they turn off. One of the benefits offered by this style nozzle is that they emit water slowly, which means there are minimal overspray and run-off. Also, these sprinkler heads work well for larger spaces and sloped lawns.

Driplines and Tree Bubblers

It’s not just your grass and flowers that need water. The trees on your property need plenty of water to grow, too. You can use tree bubblers to water your trees and ensure the right amount is delivered to these yard giants at the right time. Along with trees, this type of sprinkler head can be used for larger shrubs, too. They are considered more effective because the sprinkler heads are designed to deliver water right to the plant’s root system.

Another option is driplines. These offer efficient watering for your flowerbeds, planters, and other non-turf locations. Even better, there is no run-off or overspray from the dripline systems.

Pop-Up Sprinklers

This is the most common type of sprinkler head available today and the one you are probably most familiar with. These sprinkler heads are the best suit for smaller areas, including small shrubs and ground covers.

Finding the Right Sprinkler Head for Your Yard and Needs

If you want to invest in a sprinkler system for your yard, getting the right sprinkler heads is a must. If you aren’t sure what sprinkler head is right for your yard, you can contact the team at The IDL Company. Here you can speak to someone who can help you choose the right option for your property.