Your irrigation system is the workhorse of any great looking landscape. However, since it works so hard and so often, like any other mechanical system, regular care and maintenance may be needed from time to time. Beyond the basic on-and-off settings, you may wonder how to assess and support the functions of your irrigation system. You may also wonder when is it time to invest in a sprinkler system upgrade altogether?

If you have these questions, among others, keep reading. Here you can learn more about evaluating your sprinkler system and when it’s ready for an upgrade or replacement.

The Age of the System

Do you know the lifecycle of your existing irrigation system? How old is it and how many years in relation to the lifecycle does it have in use? Have you been replacing parts regularly or have you noticed repeated signs of damage and distress? Be sure to keep track of these things, as it will help you determine when your existing system has become a money pit and when installing a new one would make more sense.


Leaks can occur in several spots along the irrigation system. The most common leaks that occur in older systems will appear in the mainline or in the external or internal tubing that carries the pressurized water from the water source to the irrigation valves.

If the mainline begins to leak, then your system is going to underperform because there won’t be enough water reaching the valve or the sprinkler nozzles for distribution purposes. Also, leaks with the valves, nozzles, and sprinklers won’t be as difficult to fix but are a problem that needs to be looked into.

The Need for Frequent Repairs

Occasional maintenance and sprinkler system repair isn’t only expected, it’s a good thing. You want to ensure you have a professional inspect your system throughout its life. However, if the repairs become more numerous and more often, especially during a single season, it’s a sign that you need to invest in an upgrade.

Increase in Water Bills

A sudden or sustained increase in your water bill may be due to an irrigation system that isn’t operating efficiently. This can be caused by several issues, including improper system installation, pipe leaks, or even a compromised base water source.

Increasing the sustainability and efficiency of your property isn’t just a smart step, it’s a function one, as well. If you see unexplained increases in your water bills, it may be time to consider investing in a new irrigation system.

Contact the Professionals for Help

If it is time to upgrade your irrigation system, there are more than a few factors that need to be considered. To be sure it is time for this investment, contact us. Our team at The IDL Company can help you ensure your irrigation system is operating properly and that upgrades are made when needed.