If you are still watering your lawn with traditional sprinklers and a hose, there is a good chance you are wasting water, as well as money. Not only will an automatic sprinkler help you avoid wasting both of these, it will also help eliminate the need to drag sprinklers and hoses all over your lawn.

An automatic sprinkler system will efficiently and effectively water the lawn and only spread water where and when it is needed. Thanks to innovative technology, the potential to save money has been increased even more. Not only can these upgrades help reduce how much water you are using, but they will also help you grow and maintain a well-watered and healthy lawn.

Learn more about how an automatic sprinkler system may be able to help you save water and money here.

Water Usage Considerations

According to information from the EPA, the average household in America uses approximately 320 gallons of water daily. Landscape irrigation use is estimated to account for approximately one-third of that amount, which means almost nine billion gallons of water are used daily for irrigation purposes alone, across the country.

Additionally, approximately 50 percent of the water used for irrigation purposes is wasted because of evaporation, runoff or wind.

Wasted Money Due to Manual Watering

Sprinklers that connect to your hose are going to use more water than what is needed and don’t distribute the water evenly. Additionally, with these types of sprinklers, water sprays in areas where it isn’t needed and may shoot onto your driveway, pavement or sidewalk. It is also common for you to forget to turn off the sprinkler, which results in you using more water than what your landscape actually needs.

With an automatic irrigation system, this type of waste can be prevented. The sprinkler heads will be placed at specific locations, ensuring water is only delivered exactly where it is needed – to your trees, shrubs, lawn and any flower beds you have. You can also have automatic timers installed, which will turn off the sprinklers at a predetermined time.

Save Money and Water by Using Smart Irrigation Controls

With smart irrigation controllers, you can boost the efficiency of an automatic irrigation system even more. These act as a type of thermostat for the sprinkler system, letting it know when to turn off and on.

Rather than just turning the water on based on the time of day, the smart controllers will use the landscape conditions and local weather to create customized watering schedules to ensure your landscape receives the ideal amount of water, when it is needed most. The smart controllers will maintain the watering schedule you set, that way you don’t have to worry about it.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you would like to have an automatic sprinkler system installed to take care of your landscape, then call the professionals today. They can evaluate your specific needs and determine what type of system is right for you. With this system installed, you will be able to save water and money.